The Fool, Artist Residency, Marin County, 2014

The Fool: Performing the Fool’s Planetary Rites

July 21st – August 1st, 2014

Raven’s Crossing, Marin County, CA – Krowswork Gallery, Oakland, CA

This program is facilitated by: Robert Bier, Ayden Bremner, Machine, Jasmine Moorhead, Laura Berlin Stinger, Eliza Swann, Laura Zuspan

The first incarnation of The Golden Dome School will have a performance based emphasis and will seek to explore the limits and boundaries for both an ontology of performance and the conceptualization of it’s relationship to environment. Through ritual, consecration, meditation, and movement exercises we will learn to perform the Fool’s Journey as described in the Tarot.

How does art embody questioning? In what ways does the tarot bridge the gap between healing, art, and performance? How can our art contribute to cultural and psychic hygiene for the benefit of our planet? How can environment be investigated through the practice of art making in such a way that these questions cannot only be asked, but be lived as well?

In traversing boundaries of representation, embodiment, sustainability, and consciousness the first Dome gathering seeks to provide its community with expansive methodologies for reconciling our selves and our work to each other and to our world.

We are interested in engaging selected artists in a co-creative environment of experimental pedagogy that fosters community, collaboration, feedback, close living, and the collapse of boundaries between life and art. This two-week session will consist of workshops, collaborative art exercises, visits to performance and meditation centers, hikes, and lectures offered by visiting artists, curators, witches, and tarot practitioners. We will then create a group performance based on our findings which will debut at “First Friday” in Oakland, CA.

The Golden Dome School for Performing Planetary Rites will take place at Raven’s Crossing; a queer land project located in West Marin County devoted to alternative agriculture, primitive skill-sharing, and radical social/political projects. Raven’s Crossing consists of a long house that sleeps four, and a cabin that sleeps two. There is one compostable toilet, a rustic kitchen, a stage, an outdoor shower, and no electricity. Participants in this iteration of the Golden Dome School will be required to unplug entirely for two weeks.