Queer Ancestors Rite

October 21st, 7pm – 9pm

Los Angeles, Pieter Performance Space


Queer Ancestors Rite is open to everyone and this time, will call forth to the altar Xochipilli and Xochiquetzal the Mexica goddex of medicines, flowers, lovers, sex workers, two spirits, art, music, dance and sex. The two goddex are twins and parallels. This is an exploration to strengthen and balance this side of us in a collective manner.

We will explore with ritual insight through the ancient practice of spontaneous divination facilitated by Edgar Fabián Frías, MA and the integrative Huarache Constellation developed by Yunuen Rhi, MA. Spontaneous Divination is an ancient practice shared by many cultures worldwide and allows the individual to access other realms and contact guides and ancestors. The Huarache Constellation process has been developed by Yunuen Rhi and is inspired by the Zulu side of Family Constellations and the Poetics of Maria Sabina, Mazateca priestess of the mushrooms.

This workshop is presented in collaboration with The Golden Dome, an autonomous educational and curatorial platform dedicated to studying intersections of art, metaphysics, and ecology.

Sunday 10/21 from 7pm – 9pm

Pieter Performance Space
420 W Avenue 33
Los Angeles, CA 90031

$35 for early registration and payment by October 17, 2018
$40 at the door or for registration after October 17, 2018
(sliding scale upon request)

Yunuen Ri, MA is a two spirit martial and performance artist, reverse anthropologist, and healer. Her roots are in Mexico, the United States, and Korea. She has cultivated herself
in western, eastern, and native medicine pathways and practices as a way to deepen the
understanding of “selves.” Rhi’s performance work incorporates ritual and psychomagic


Edgar Fabián Frías, MA MFT is an interdisciplinary artist, curator, educator, and psychotherapist. Their work traverses across academic, social, historical, and relational planes, building bridges and weaving webs. Their practice is amorphous and expansive and rooted in both connection and in the magic that emerges from it.