THE CHARIOT, Artist Residency, 29 Palms, CA, 2018


“The Chariot: Wherever You Go, There You Are”

March 11th – 18th, 2018

29 Palms, California

“Know that the Self is the rider, and the body the chariot; that the intellect is the charioteer, and the mind the reins / The senses, say the wise, are the horses; the roads they travel are the mazes of desire” – Katha Upanishad 1:3:3

“The evolution of the human being is the evolution of will, and ‘will’ cannot evolve involuntarily.” – G.I. Gurdijieff

For our eighth artist-in-residence session we will be working with the archetype of the Chariot. With this image, we are asked to cultivate willpower, discipline, and self-control alongside the balancing qualities of receptivity, responsiveness, and flexibility.

During this residency we will concentrate on performance art. We will specifically examine methods for endurance, duration, and energy raising for the purpose of cultivating willpower and effective rituals.

The Chariot, seated at number seven in the Tarot, utilizes the seven colors of the rainbow to attain self mastery. Over the course of seven days we will learn some strategies for cultivating free will, the Alchemical art of the Tarot, rainbow magic, plant communication and breath-work. We will work on a performance ritual that will be presented publicly on the last day of the residency.

This program is facilitated by Edgar Fabian Frias, Asher Hartman, Saewon Oh, Laura Berlin Stinger, and Eliza Swann.

We will be occupying a comfortable home with a hot tub on five acres of desert land in close proximity to Joshua Tree National Park.