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NEW ITEMS ARE UP IN OUR SHOP! Do you want to learn about the anatomical structure of your aura? Receive nine months of magical mail? Stand up for the Goddess of love with a beautiful t-shirt or pin? We have new merchandise designed to cast a love spell on the Earth and support the work of the Golden Dome School while you’re at it! Did you know? The Golden Dome produces free and at-cost lectures, retreats and performances year round with no outside funding? This shop helps us fulfill our mission to facilitate accessible creative spiritual networks of support and connection across the country!


Goddess Take the Wheel! T-Shirts!


“The Anatomy of the Aura” is a 40 page illustrated workbook designed to help beginners learn to read and repair auras. This exercise book includes easy-to-understand explanations of the layers of the aura and the chakra system in the human energy field. There are also exercises designed to help you read the auras of plants, animals and the moon! Enjoy!


YES GODDESS is a band featuring healer artists Edgar Fabian Frias, Season Oh, and Eliza Swann. The phrase is a spell, an affirmation, a celebration and a rallying cry to celebrate the Goddess and the sacred feminine that lives in us all! We define “feminine” not as a gender, but as a construct encompassing many aspects of our world that have been erased, conquered, and shamed such as: intuition, emotions, the body, creativity, sensitivity, care, interdependence, nurturance, and love.

These YES GODDESS Unisex T-Shirts also act as a protection spell!

The spell ingredients are: angelica flower, angelica root, bat power, bee power, butterfly power, cat power, cinnamon fern, earthworm power, lemon, patchouli, psilocybin mushrooms, red pine, salvia flower, seahorse power, seashell power, spider power, spiral power, sword fern, and a “Venus” figurine.


Mail Order Mystery School is a correspondence course designed to initiate Adepts in degrees of inner illumination over the course of nine months.

Each month, participants will be sent a package containing instructions for exercises in journaling, art making, meditation, and solitary ritual that will be distributed in the following order: Oaths signed, Void, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Light.

“I am a witch I bow to no one. No one bows to me. The Goddess stands beside me. The Goddess sets me free.”

Mail Order Mystery School is designed to facilitate personal study and evolution – it does not include direct mentorship or initiatory assessment by Eliza Swann or faculty members affiliated with The Golden Dome School.