Join Our “MAIL ORDER MYSTERY SCHOOL” Correspondence Course!


Now, for the first time ever, you can learn the real teachings behind Witch-craft … Age-Old Wisdom which gives you greater health, personal power, purpose, peace of mind, and methods for destabilizing Patriarchal power and authority.

Each lesson comes to you complete with secret instructions enabling you to practice ESP, project your astral body, develop self healing, and become a MYSTIC MASTER.

Yes, YOU CAN LEARN the secrets formerly reserved for Coven initiates easily, quickly…within the privacy of your own home.

Mail Order Mystery School is a correspondence course designed to initiate Adepts in degrees of inner illumination over the course of nine months.

Each month, participants will be sent a package containing instructions for exercises in journaling, art making, meditation, and solitary ritual that will be distributed in the following order: Oaths signed, Void, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet, Light.

“I am a witch I bow to no one. No one bows to me. The Goddess stands beside me. The Goddess sets me free.”

Mail Order Mystery School is designed to facilitate personal study and evolution – it does not include direct mentorship or initiatory assessment by Eliza Swann or faculty members affiliated with The Golden Dome School.