Please Join us for TRANCE LECTURES on 12/1 at Honey’s

93 Scott Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11237
Sunday December 1st, 6pm – 8pm

Mediums: Ellen Donnelley, Bianca Luna, Moriah Simmons, and Eliza Swann
Films By: Lily Benson, Grace Kredell, Mireya Lucio + Eliza Swann, Saewon Oh + Sarah Manuwal AND MORE!

Please join us for TRANCE LECTURES – an evening of wisdom from the spirit world! In the days of Spiritualism, mediums would travel the country delivering “Trance Lectures.” The audience would submit a topic, and the medium would give a lecture on the spot with the aid of their helping spirits. It is wise and true to ask the spirit world for information and advice on navigating the third dimensional world! So we’re bringing the TRANCE LECTURE back!

On Sunday December 1st, we’ll be presenting TRANCE LECTURES at Honey’s! Eliza Swann, Bianca Luna, Moriah Simmons, and Ellen Donnelley will be our mediums for the evening! Please join us, submit a lecture topic, and chime in with any spirit messages that you may receive! And have a pint of mead while you’re at it!

The TRANCE LECTURES will be followed up by a film screening of visionary videos designed to instruct you in making closer contact with your HELPING SPIRITS made by Lily Benson, Saewon Oh + Sarah Manuwal, Eliza Swann + Mireya Lucio, Grace Kredell + MORE!