Please Join us for a Tarot-Thon for Indigenous Earth Justice – benefitting indigenous ecological organizations – at Open Eye Crystals 1/18

Tarot-Thon for Indigenous Earth Justice
Open Eye Crystals
6110 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035
January 18th, 2020
1pm – 4pm

Psychic readings will be on offer from: Dalia Anani, Ancient Pocket, Hannah Beadman, Lisa Dring, Francisquito Gonzalez, Madre Jaguar, Mireya Lucio, Kandis With a K, Angela Mary Magick, Luisa Pelipetz, Diana Rose, Alia Walston

Hosted by: Rachel Jones, Patrick Mansfield, Steffie Nelson, Eliza Swann

Organized by: Eliza Swann

On Saturday January 18th from 1pm – 4pm we’ll be offering Tarot, Palm and Intuitive readings with 100% of the proceeds going to indigenous led ecological organizations: The Indigenous Environmental Network (US), The Ceibo Alliance (Ecuador, upper Amazon), and SEED (Australia). Indigenous communities protect 80% of global biodiversity under threats of extreme violence – ecological degradation and colonization are inextricably linked. Please join us in supporting indigenous led ecological efforts. All readings are $2/minute and first come first served. 

Indigenous Environmental Network:

The Ceibo Alliance:


“Humans are related to and interdependent with plants, animals, stones, water, clouds and everything else. At the center of this indigenous democracy is a community relationship to land as kin in contradistinction to its conceptualization as property. While the institution of property treats land as alienable, a commodity and hence fungible, the kinship relation to land understands it as absolutely inalienable, as literal family, as part of an ongoing inviolable ceremonial relationship. In its extension of kinship-based rights, “natural democracy” is inherently environmentally conservative for the very dynamic of kinship, based as it is in ideas of reciprocity as balance, sets specific limits to the uses of ecological systems.” – Gregory Cajete, Native Science

The Golden Dome School organizes Tarot-thons annually to give mystics a way to offer service and come together in support of folks experiencing hardship. The organizations that we support change each year.