3/8 Join us for our TACTICAL MAGIC: TIME TRAVEL with Eliza Swann workshop at Pieter Performance Space


TACTICAL MAGIC is back this SUNDAY at PIETER PERFORMANCE SPACE with a class about using TIME as a magical medium! Learning to travel and bend TIME is one of the most healing strategies that you can employ in magical and psychic space. During this session we will read some philosophies of time and practice three embodied techniques for bending into the past and future as well as for manipulating time-sense.

Class is led by Eliza Swann

Sunday March 8th, 8:00pm – 9:30pm
Pieter Performance Space
420 W Avenue 33, Los Angeles, CA 90031 🌸

The Golden Dome School “Tactical Magic” meet-ups began in 2016 to offer our community SUPERNATURAL SURVIVAL SKILLS. Eliza Swann and Edgar Fabián Frías have served as its lead organizers in collaboration with many members of our community. We are BACK after a brief pause with Eliza Swann organizing the Los Angeles chapter. If you have any skills you would like to share with this group, please get in touch. The Tactical Magic group is NOT affiliated with the Center for Tactical Magic.