4/29 Tactical Magic: Ritual USA with Eliza Swann *ONLINE CLASS

4/29 Tactical Magic: Ritual USA with Eliza Swann
5:00pm – 7:00pm PST

“Great Goddess of day and night / Protect me with all your might”

Why is the pentagon shaped that way? What deities are worshipped in United States iconography? What’s up with the stars and stripes? What do the symbols of this country signify and how symbolic magic is employed? Spoiler alert: many war deities are invoked on the dollar bill! During this course, we’ll look at some symbols and rituals used in the founding of the United States, and discuss the mechanics of symbolic magic. We will then talk about how to use symbol technologies in our own grassroots movements. 

We will not be looking at any “Freemason” or “Illuminati” theories or practicing any magic – we will be looking at symbol, structure, and strategy behind the kind of United States magic that happens in plain sight. What does that mean? Join and find out!

The Golden Dome School “Tactical Magic” meet-ups began in 2016 to offer our community SUPERNATURAL SURVIVAL SKILLS. Eliza Swann and Edgar Fabián Frías have served as its lead organizers in collaboration with many members of our community.  The Tactical Magic group is not affiliated with the Center for Tactical Magic.

“Earth Beneath Me / Sky Above Me / Divine Within Me / Love Surround Me”