Tarot-Thon for Black Lives 6/13


The Golden Dome School has organized a Tarot-thon for Black Lives with 100% of the funds going to G.L.I.T.S., National Bail OutFor the Gworls, and UndocuBlack Network. On 6/13 members of this community will be reading tarot and donating all proceeds – Alia Walston will be offering a ceremonial dedication on our Instagram page. You can find readers in this network if you’d like to receive a reading by visiting our Instagram @goldendomeschool.

The readers and healers participating in the Tarot-thon are committed to going beyond donating funds. We are dedicated to acknowledging and educating ourselves about systemic racism, dismantling white supremacy, and opposing violence against Black people in all forms. We call for an end to the police through defunding and reallocating resources to help Black communities thrive – please read more about this HERE. BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Readings are on offer from: Lillie Falco-Adkins, Ana Anu, Erin Aquarian, Christine Aprile, Debbie Attias, Mack Budd, Daisy Chain Tarot, December’s Child Tarot, Shelby Dillon, Erin the Psychic Witch, Mary Evans, Joe Festa, Flannery Flanagan, Isabel Gareau, Ella Gold, Melanie Gonzalez, Hawthorne Mountain Tarot, Francisquito the Hermit, Johanna Hyman, Michaela Johnson, Kayle Karbowski, Grace Kredell, Sherise Lee, Kiersten Lukason, Bianca Luna, Mamalier, Merkel, Mireya Lucio, Angela Mary Magick, Chelb McMurray, Moon Handed Studio, J Emile Moss, Gina Murdock, Calley Nelson, Anahid Nersessian, Melissa Nierman, Nire, Nicole Palomba, Ancient Pocket, Sarah Potter, Reina Prado, Sukhpreet Purewal, Huxley Raine, Laura Roth, Jessica Sage, Este Sanchez, Beatrice Scescke, Shea Settimi, Moriah Simmons, Jaya Stenquist, Eliza Swann, Emily Violet, Xiaowei Wang, Casey Zabala

Please contact individual readers to set up a session – find them on our Instagram page @goldendomeschool or at their websites linked above. We are all pooling our funds to make a greater impact and to come together in solidarity.

The flyer design was donated to us by the amazing J Emile Moss.