Tarot-Thon for Covid Justice July 10 – 11, 2020

UPDATE! Together we raised $10,697.67! Thank you to everyone who offered and booked readings!

The Golden Dome School has organized a Tarot-thon for Covid Justice with 100% of the funds going to the Navajo and Hopi Covid Relief Fund, White Mountain Apache Tribe COVID-19 Relief Fund, Black Trans COVID-19 Community Response FundMovimiento Cosecha — Undocumented Worker Covid Relief Fund, and National Bond Fund. On 7/10 – 7/11 members of this community will be reading tarot and donating all proceeds – Este Sanchez will be offering a ceremonial dedication on our Instagram page.

Racism drives health disparities in the United States as Tribal Nations and Black and Migrant communities are disproportionately devastated by Covid-19. The readers and healers participating in the Tarot-thon are committed to going beyond donating funds. We are dedicated to acknowledging and educating ourselves about systemic racism and dismantling white supremacy in all its forms.

Readings are on offer from: Angela Mary Magick, Ariele Max, Beatrice Scescke, Beth Kiacz , Bianca Luna, Brittany Ronzio, Chelb McMurray, Claudia Gerbracht, Courtney, Daryl Kovalich, Dorothy R. Santos, Ella Gold, Emily Hamilton, Emily Violet, Erin Schroeder, Eryn Johnson, Gina Murdock, Glenn Hendrick, Grace Kredell, Hannah Beadman, Hannah Wnorowski, Hawthorne Mountain Tarot, Vanessa Haydon, Joe Festa, Kate Sheridan, Kayle Karbowski, Leah Koontz, Lee, Lex Ritchie, Lindsey Mills, Lisa Gotwals, Lisa Locascio, Liza, The Lunar Jungle, Mack Budd, Madre Jaguar, Maggie, Melanie Gonzalez, Melissa Nierman, Merkel, Minna Nizam, Mireya Lucio, Moriah Simmons, Natalie Labriola, Natasha Krause, Nicole Mayefske, Paige Moore, Priscilla Frank, Reina Prado, Sarah Potter, Shannon Wakeling, Shea Settimi, Sherise Lee, sukhpreet, Eliza Swann, Taylor Mikiska, Vanessa Santos, Xarah V, Xiaowei Wang, Zoe Tuck

Please contact individual readers to set up a session – find them on our Instagram page or at their websites linked above. We are all pooling our funds to make a greater impact and to come together in solidarity.

The flyer design was donated to us by the amazing J Emile Moss.

This flyer design was made for us by the amazing Lenora Jayne.