A COOKBOOK FOR COSMIC CARE * a free bi-lingual recipe book assembled by the Golden Dome community

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Welcome to the Golden Dome School’s COOKBOOK FOR COSMIC CARE. As Covid-19 cases began to spike and quarantines were implemented, the Golden Dome School reached out to its community for recipes that folks wanted to share with each other to connect us through our crafts and kitchens. We did not edit or curate the collection of recipes that arrived. In the “Kitchin Witchin” section, you’ll find recipes to care for your body, recipes for food and drink, and recipes for house cleaning and clearing. In the “Art Witchin” section you’ll find recipes for creative inspiration and for making DIY art supplies. In the “Witchin” section you’ll find spells, tarot spreads and meditations. Our hope is that these recipes will amplify the communities and relationships that hold us, and offer ideas for grounding, support, resilience, and transformation. May this document offer you inspiration and support.

The COOKBOOK FOR COSMIC CARE collection came together with the help of Eliza Swann and Taylor Erickson who organized the recipes, the incredible Francisquito Gerardo González and Bianca Biblioni who translated all of the recipes into Spanish, Camilla Padgitt Coles who designed the PDF layout and Samantha Rehark who made the cover design. Infinite thanks to those who contributed recipes.