Abolitionist Witchcraft
with Haylin Belay

8/2 1PM – 3PM PST
*free for Black students, e-mail eliza@golden-dome.org for access code. 

What is the relationship between witchcraft and anarcho-communism? What is “somatic abolitionism” and how can magic help us embody it? How do oppressive systems actually work, and by what means can they be uprooted? 

The social, political, and spiritual questions that we are struggling with today have been asked before, and their answers are deeply intertwined with the historical and present day practice of witchcraft. Looking ahead to an uncertain future, we must call on tools to help us imagine a world that has never existed. This class will explore the epistemology of justice and the law, the praxis of spiritual self-governance, and what resilience skills are necessary for sustained political/magical action. Students will be invited into a radical reimagining of power, personhood, and the unimaginable potency of intuition. 

Haylin Belay is a sexual health expert, yoga instructor, and pleasure witch. She is the creator of My Feminism Involves Witchcraft (Femiwitch) as well as Sex Ed For All. With over a decade of experience in comprehensive health education, her expertise is in trauma-responsive, multidisciplinary approaches to social-emotional development and holistic wellness strategies for youths, adults, and communities. For more information, visit www.haylin.co