Meet your Spirit Guides with Nelly Reznik 9/6 *ONLINE CLASS

Meet your Spirit Guides
with Nelly Reznik


9/6 11am-1pm PST

$25-50 sliding scale

Spirit guides are beings in the spirit world who are assigned to assist each one of us with navigating our lives, whether it’s big transitions or day-to-day decisions. So why do so few of us consciously access them?

You don’t need to belong to a special group of people in order to connect with your guides. In fact, you may already be communicating with them and not even know it. If you have ever had a really strong feeling to do something or go somewhere, or have seen unmistakable signs pointing you in a certain direction in life, these intuitive hits were likely sent by your guides. Whether you have an existing relationship with them or this is all new to you, the experience of deepening your relationship and having direct contact is very possible and so rewarding.

You will walk away from this workshop with an understanding of who spirit guides are, how they differ from other spirit beings such as ancestors, and how to develop a relationship with them. Included is a meditation in which we will intend to meet one or more of our guides. Bring a journal and pen.

Nelly Reznik is an evidential psychic medium. Although she is a natural-born medium and has been able to communicate with Spirit since childhood, it wasn’t until her own experience with loss and grief in her twenties that she began to understand and develop her ability. Her objective as a medium is to provide a voice for the Spirit world, communicating their thoughts with accuracy and specificity. She also teaches courses for empaths and psychics in order to help people understand and hone their own spiritual gifts.