Gods and Goddesses of the Tarot with Rachel Pollack
April 25th, 12pm – 2pm PST


*Zoom class – the Zoom link will be sent to you the day of class – please double check that you haven given us the correct e-mail address.

Who are the Spirit Beings—goddesses, gods, angels and demons, animal powers, ancestors—living within and behind the Major Arcana? How do their stories and qualities play out in the cards and in our lives? What can we do to make the connections stronger? And how can we use those connections to give greater power to our readings?

In this workshop, we will move through the Major Arcana to identify which powers/beings live within them, touching on many traditions. We will consider ways to honor the figures most important to us, and invite them to act in our lives, and join our readings.

Some ways we might do this include finding images of that figure, or objects sacred to them, to keep with us as we do a reading; invocations or rituals; wearing colors or jewelry connected to that figure; or going somewhere or engaging in some activity in the world that will make the connection more present in our lives.

We will look at a relationship spread for connections to a particular card, with questions like “What do I receive from this figure?” and “What do I give?” and “What can we create together?”

And we will look at a spread to ask, “Who am I acting out at this moment in my life? Who is my helper? Who is my teacher?” Rachel will share a powerful reading she did with this spread—how it supported her in a very hard time, and how it led directly to her award-winning novel, Godmother Night.

Rachel Pollack is the author of 45 books of fiction and non-fiction. Her novels have won two major awards. Her non-fiction, primarily books about Tarot, include Seventy-Eight Degrees Of Wisdom, published in 1980 and in print ever since, and described around the world as “the Bible of Tarot readers.” An artist as well as a writer, she designed and drew the Shining Tribe Tarot. She also has collaborated with artist Robert M. Place to create The Burning Serpent Oracle, and The Raziel Tarot, and has written the books to go with several major Tarot decks. Rachel has twice traveled to Greece to enact her own version of the Eleusinian Mysteries, the first time alone, the second leading a group of people.