What is The Golden Dome?

The Golden Dome School is an educational and curatorial platform dedicated to studying the relationship between art, ecology, and mysticism. We produce exhibitions, performances, classes, publications, and artist residencies year round and nationwide.

Art at its center is magic — art changes, defines, shapes and nourishes the spirit of the collective imagination which is the engine of our communal will. Imagination combined with will changes everything. Art is evolutionary revolutionary power that’s available to everyone.” – Eliza Swann

The Golden Dome School was founded by Eliza Swann in 2014, as she contemplated the disastrous effects of capitalism and climate change on the Earth and its inhabitants, and wondered what art and spiritual practice could do to help. 

The Golden Dome honors ideals of responsiveness, communal learning, and evolving artistic disciplines that foster magical community building, ecological awareness and non-hierarchy. The Golden Dome School’s practices seek to destabilize the authority of conventional structures of knowledge and power through an engagement with mysticism and the formation of heart centered communities of learning. We believe that magic has a large role to play in restoring health to people and planet, and that animism is an antidote to capitalism. We encourage a questioning attitude and support intellectual, spiritual, and creative freedom in our work.

Each artist residency is rooted in the study of a Tarot card and The Golden Dome School is currently working its way through the Major Arcana. The next session will revolve around the “The Wheel of Fortune” card in 2022. 

The Golden Dome School is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Please consider donating any amount so that we can continue to offer free and low-cost programming to our community.

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For information on how to volunteer, collaborate, or donate goods to the Golden Dome School, please visit our Get Involved page. 

Who is The Golden Dome?

“A spiritual organization with a hierarchical structure can convey only the consciousness of estrangement, regardless of what teachings or deep inspirations are at its root. The structure itself reinforces the idea that some people are inherently more worthy than others.” -Starhawk

 Here are some of the roles we are currently playing:

Director: Eliza Swann

Online School Co-ordinator: Mireya Lucio

Board of Directors: Lily Benson, Lacey Prpic Hedtke, Candace Kita, Grace Kredell, Saewon Oh, Samantha Rehark, Yumi Sakugawa, Tiffany Stevens

Program Organizers (Past and Present): Edgar Fabián Frías, Grace Kredell, Mireya Lucio, Patrick Mansfield, Saewon Oh, Laura Stinger

Visiting Faculty: Chiron Armand, Liz Armstrong, Haylin Belay, Genevieve Belleveau, Lily Benson, Ayden Bremner, Mandana Boushee, Brian Cotnoir, Maja D’Aoust, Jovencio De La Paz, Diva Dompe, Catherine Feliz, Edgar Fabián Frías, Amanda Yates Garcia, Dr. Neal Goldsmith, Asher Hartman, Frank Haines, Johanna Hedva, Ryan Hill, Ryan Ingersol, Madre Jaguar, Sarah Johnson, Grace Kredell, Marcella Kroll, Kwonyin, Natalie Labriola, Brendan Landis, Mireya Lucio, Guadalupe Maravilla, Matthewdavid’s Mindflight, Machine, Patrick Mansfield, Sarah Manuwal, Mollie McKinley, Zeljko Mcmullen, Linda Montano, Jasmine Moorhead, Cory Nakasue, Saewon Oh, Rachel Pollack, Ron Regé Jr., Yunuen Rhi, Yumi Sakugawa, Stacy Jo Scott, Penny Slinger, Laura Berlin Stinger, Lavender Suarez, Eliza Swann, They Keep Bees, Christian Toscano, Laurie Weeks, Wolf Medicine Magic, Laura Zuspan

Participating Artists: Grace Amber, Joana Ayala, Adolfo Ibanez Ayerve, Lily Benson, Mackenzie Budd, Richmond Burton, Mae Chesney, Annie Connole, Dominique Dawson, Anais Delsol, Von DeWitt, Nick Dinnerstein, Stephanie Dowda, Bekah Fly, Agnieszka Forfa, Angel Garcia, Gabriella Garcia, Wade Gasque, Julie Gemuend, Sarah Gottesdiener, Allison Halter, Jay Hamade, Lacey Hedtke, Lenora Jayne, Candace Kita, Kathryn Knowlton, Grace Kredell, Melissa Krodman, Kwonyin, Molly Larkey, Gracelee Lawrence, Alison Beth Levy, Merkel, Mireya Lucio, Kat Hunt, Jillayne Hunter, Sarah Manuwal, Patrick Mansfield, Catherine Menard, Lindsay Minnich, Dylan Mira, Natalia Molina, Maria Molteni, Kendall Riley Morgan, Claire Morton, Cory Nakasue, Nire, Samantha Noseworthy, Loren Nosen, Diana Paez, Joshua Patterson, Adrian Pijoan, Samantha Rehark, Philip Rodin, Glenda Romualdo, Estella Sanchez, Lauren Stroh, Corkey Sinks, Kb Thomason, Emilia Turner, Monica Uszerowicz, Tracy Van Oosten, Brooke Underwood, Amber Wallin, Sophie White, Yejin Yoo, Lauryn Youden, Jennifer Zackin, Ava Zelkowitz, JC Zepeda